Reverse Content

The Billboard Reverse content type is used to highlight a major feature or aspect of an academic program using a large, horizontal photo, a quote or short description and optional bullet points, and links or buttons that link to associated pages. The photo must have the action or person on the right-hand side to display correctly on the page, as you see here.

To build a Billboard Reverse:

  • Create or obtain a JPEG format image that is 2640 pixels wide by 1808 pixels tall and upload the image to your Media Library folder as a Media Path type. All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging.
  • In the section, select the Add Content button and select YCP2016: Billboard Reverse from the list of content types.
  • Enter a Name for the content.
  • Select the image you uploaded to the Media Library.
  • The Secondary Title field is presented above thePrimary Title because if you use both of these elements, this is the order in which they appear on the page. The Secondary Title is not required but can be useful to add clarity or to emphasize thePrimary Title . You can enter the title however you like on the form (all lowercase for example), but the system will automatically change it to all caps. It will display in normal font text above the bold fontPrimary Title .
  • Enter the Primary Title . You can enter the title however you like on the form (all lowercase for example), but the system will automatically change it to all caps. It will display in bold font text.
  • In the Description field, enter the text for theDescription . If a quote is being used, you will need to enter the "quote marks" around the text to offset it on the page.
  • If you choose to create bullet points, please make sure to create either all text bullet points or all linkedbullet points. Don't combine them, since they are formatted differently on our web pages, and differently formatted elements in the same list could confuse a visitor. You are allowed a maximum of five bullet points of either type.
  • The Text Bullet Items **** item is just a divider to help separate the sections of the SiteManager form. There is no need to select the radio button at right.
  • For Text Bullet Points , please enter them starting from Bullet 1 Text Only and keep them together (no blank bullet text fields between).
  • For Linked Bullet Points :
    • For either a www.ycp.edu page or an offsite page, first enter the Bullet Link Text, which the visitor sees and selects to navigate to the linked web page. Best practice for link text is to use action words or to say exactly what it is you’re linking to.
      • To link to a www.ycp.edu page on our website, use the Select link at right to select the page you want to to link to with Bullet www.ycp.edu Link.
      • To link to an offsite page (not on our website), navigate to that page, copy the web address (URL) from the browser's address bar, and paste it into the corresponding Bullet Offsite Linkfield.
    • To link to a PDF document, you will not use the Bullet Link Text field. In SiteManager , the system uses the PDF document's Media Name field in the Media Library as the link text. So, to adjust the link text for a PDF document, first go to the document in yourMedia Library folder and edit the document'sMedia Name . Once you are satisfied with theMedia Name , use the Select link at right to select the PDF document for Bullet PDF Link.
  • The rules for Button links are the same as the rules above for linked bullet points. There are two buttons available and will display in colors as follows:
    • First button, orange
    • Second button, light blue
  • If you decide to use buttons for a Billboard Reverse, you may need to adjust or limit your text or bullet points, so that the buttons will fit inside the blue offset section of the content. If there's too much text or bullet points, it will push the buttons under the bottom edge of the content. Generally, we use either linked bullet points or buttons, but not both .
  • Select Add & Approve, then Preview to check your page.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.