The Site Manager Interface

Site manager interface
  1. From the top menu you can change text size and language, see your user type and name, access your user profile (by selecting on your username), and log out.
  2. The grey toolbar varies depending on your usertype. Detailed information of which menu items are available for which user types is described in Menus. Each menu contains options and commands; the full menu will appear if you point your mouse to the relevant menu heading.
  3. This shows your current action (eg. "Modify Content", "Add Template", etc.). In the example above it simply shows the hierarchy.
  4. This shows your current location and the path to that location. This will show you where in the site structure you are, even if you do not have access to the entire site structure.
  5. The Site Structure will display the parts of the site you have been given access to. Each section corresponds to a menu item on the website, though some sections may be hidden from the navigation. You can use the plus sign to expand the menus, and each section can contain further sections to make a tree structure.
  6. The Section Drop-Down Menu allows you to add, modify, delete and Preview a section. Moderator access is required as a minimum user level for this.
  7. Select this button to either show or hide Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility.
  8. Accessibility on the main site structure page, traffic lights will indicate how accessible a section is to give you a quick overview of the site.
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the volume or quality of traffic to your website or webpage from search results displayed in online search engines.
  10. The traffic lights indicate the number of content items in the section in each of three categories:
  11. Green - content which is approved for publication.
  12. Amber - content waiting to be approved for publication.
  13. Red - deleted content currently within the Recycle bin waiting to be purged from the system by the System Administrator.
  14. 11. The search box allows you to search the Site Structure for specific sections or content, while the other widgets display detailed information depending on your user type.