Testimonial Content Type

A Testimonial is a one to two sentence quote with an image that is used for faculty, staff or students to describe in their own words something about York College that impacted them personally.

To build a testimonial:

  1. Create or obtain a JPEG format image that is 2640 pixels wide by 1808 pixels tall and upload the image to your Media Library folder. Note: All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging.
  2. In the section, select the Add Content button and selectYCP2016: Testimonial from the list of content types.
  3. Enter a Name for the content.
  4. Select the image you uploaded for the Testimonial.
  5. Enter the Quote .
  6. Enter the Faculty or Student Name .
  7. Enter the Department Title or Student Title . The student title doesn't have to be a title, it can simply be a caption describing the student.
  8. Enter the Employee Department or Student Hometown . This is optional for the student. Enter this only if the student chooses to share the hometown.
  9. To add a button to navigate to a web page:
    1. Enter the Button Link Text which the visitor sees on the page and selects to navigate to the linked web page. Best practice for link text is to use action words or to say exactly what you’re linking to.
      1. To link to a www.ycp.edu page on our website, use the Select link at right to select the page you want to to link to with Buttonwww.ycp.edu Link .
      2. To link to an offsite page (not on our website), navigate to that page, copy the web address (URL) from the browser's address bar, and paste it into the correspondingButton Offsite Link field.
  10. Select Add & Approve, then Preview to view your page.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.