The General Tab

Name - This will be the name of your new section. The name should give a clear indication of the page's content. For example, use "Sales Figures" instead of "sales fig". In many cases this will be used directly in the menu navigation. It is possible to run the spell check by clicking the ABC button next to the name box.

SEO Key Phrase(s) - In order to run an SEO report for a channel, one or multiple SEO Key Phrases will have to be set for the root section as a minimum. If nothing is entered for sections at lower levels, the main SEO Key Phrase(s) will be used.

Status - There are three status levels:

  • Approved - This is the default status where sections will be published provided they have at least one piece of approved content within it. Sections will not be published without approved content within them. This avoids pages looking as though they are empty and under construction.
  • Pending - Sections which are pending are displayed in a pink color on the site structure, and can be used to launch content all at once. To launch a section and its content, simply change the status to Approved.
  • Inactive - Sections have been deleted and are therefore inactive. Sections can be restored by changing the status to Approved or by restoring the section through the Recycle menu option. Inactive sections will appear dark color in the site structure view and will not be published onto the live site.

Default Workflow - This is the default workflow that content within the Section or Sub Section will utilize by default.

Show in Navigation? - This is defaulted to "Yes". This means it will appear in your navigation. Sections can be hidden from the navigation by de-selecting the box. Hidden sections appear in gray in the site structure to enable easy indication.

eForm Section - Check this box to make this section an eForm section. To submit an eForm, an eForm section is required. Refer to the section eForms/xForms for further details. Note that if you mark a section as an eForm section, the entire branch will accept eForm content.

Archive Section - By default, archive sections are not published when a site is published. This type of section should hence be used for areas of the site which no longer require publish every time publish is run. It can save publish time if these areas contain lots of information, and it is possible to include them in publish by using the Advanced Publish options.

Make this a Link Section? - Leave this un-checked to create an ordinary section. For further details, refer to Add a Link Section.

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