Web Editor Checklist


  • Page titles are meaningful and reflect the content on the page.
  • Sections should have less than 800 words but more than 100.
  • Links are descriptive of the information that they are linking to. (No Click here links.)
  • There is only one space, not two after each sentence.
  • Keywords are emphasized with headings, bold or italics, not underlining or all capitalization.
  • Spell check has been run.
  • Copy has also been checked by a human for proper spelling, grammar, and style.

Photos and Images

  • Photos are properly cropped and resized (see photo sizes handout).


  • If Section Name is more than one word, that same text is added into Output URI field.
  • Sections contain descriptions, keywords, and titles (see SEO guide/CMS instructions).
  • Descriptions have been added for all images (see SEO guide/CMS instructions).
  • Links to other sites are set to open in a new window.


  • All links and forms have been tested on the live website after publishing.

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