VidGrid may not presently work in Safari. Please use Google Chrome until further notice.

VidGrid is a screen recording and lecture-capture tool available to all faculty, staff and students at YCP. You can use VidGrid to record actions on your screen, via webcam, or both at the same time. The recorded videos can be closed captioned and are hosted on the VidGrid servers.

Deciding if VidGrid Meet Your Needs

VidGrid has many options for creating and sharing video. You will be able to to:

  • Create screen recordings, with or without your webcam

  • Create webcam-only recordings

  • Students create screen captures or video recording and submit them as an assignments

  • Meet ADA compliance and Universal Design for Learning recommendations

  • Edit out mistakes from content that is uploaded to VidGrid

  • Share your content with an entire class using LMS connections or a direct link

  • Share your content with individual users

  • Easily update content shared in multiple systems by editing a single video file (the URL link stays the same)

Accessing VidGrid through the portal

  1. On the homepage of the myYCP portal select on the VidGrid icon in the icon set.

  2. VidGrid will automatically load.

It is possible to access VidGrid through the VidGrid logo in the Canvas editor.

VidGrid v Zoom

YCP Specific Resources

What do I need?


  • Quiet Room - extra noise in the background can distract listeners

  • A device with a reliable internet connection

  • Microphone (if possible, a separate microphone can be better than your device's built-in)

Production tips

  • Plan ahead. Make a bullet point "script" to remind you of key point and to make sure you have all visuals ready

  • Don't ramble or your message will be lost. The video is a concise record of the information.

  • Be kind to yourself. Unless you really like edits try not to worry about minor errors

  • Consider using VidGrid for a short test to see if it works for you BEFORE an emergency situation occurs.

  • Some instructors draft scripts before recording, others might refer to a brief outline or try a few takes before completing a recording with which they are happy.

Closed captions & accessibility

Please request captioning in VidGrid once you made your final version of your video.

Learn more: Closed Captioning in VidGrid tutorial video.

For video, accessibility generally starts with captioning the content. Having access to ADA compliant, human-generated captioning through VidGrid offers a benefit to students in receiving a consistent, high quality captioning experience that is difficult to achieve without dedicated captioners.

Captions can be easily requested inside VidGrid, but you must consider the placement of the captions while you are creating your content. The types of content most often impacted are screen captures and narrated PowerPoints: affected, not impacted!!

As you create your content, make sure to leave room at the bottom of your video for the captions. To meet ADA requirements, the captions cannot overlay other text or crucial visual information.

Suggestions for better videos

  • Keep it short and simple (KISS)

  • Content should be delivered in brief and digestible bites

  • Screenshots, GIFs, or Videos

    • Screenshots are good for a single step - a "select here moment"

    • GIFs are good for 1-3 steps - a "select and scroll moment"

    • Videos are for more technical or communication heavy needs.

Troubleshooting Problems with Vidgrid

  • Application is not loading or frequently having errors