Visitor capacity

Below, you can see whether seats are available in the Schmidt Library, Johnson Dining Hall, and West Campus Dining Hall. Though, please check the hours of each before visiting.

Note: If you intend to visit the library to use a particular software, you may be able to access it elsewhere or remotely.

Your temperature requirements

Temperature readers are located in the entrances of Schmidt Library, Johnson Dining Hall, West Campus Dining Hall, and Grumbacher Center.

  • Step into the entrance, then stand in front of the monitor to take your temperature.

  • You'll see one of two results

    1. Green: (below 100.4°F) You may enter.

    2. Red: (100.4°F or higher): You may not enter.

      • Step away from the monitor for 10 minutes, then retake your temperature

        1. Green: You may enter.

        2. Red: You may not enter.

          • Take an info card, then immediately return to your residence.

          • Contact Health Services, your primary care physician, or urgent care / tele-med options for guidance.

          • Note: Chartwells will offer a takeout meal or allow a friend to get one for you.

At maximum capacity, each section will appear red and read Wait. If so

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