VPN (virtual private network)

We use FortiClient to manage VPN (virtual private networking). This is a remote (off campus) way to connect to the YCP network.

College laptops, issued to employees, can have FortiClient installed. So, you can securely access files and applications, stored on campus servers, from any location with high-speed internet.

Request VPN

If you need to request VPN access, or are requesting access for someone else in your department, please fill out this form. As part of our process, we will follow up with the direct supervisor of the individual who needs access for approval.

Find & open FortiClient

Windows 10

FortiClient is not in the standard programs list and won't appear in the search.

  • In the taskbar (bottom), select Λ , to show hidden icons.

  • Right click the blue shield with a white checkmark.

  • Select either Connect to “YCP SSL VPN” or Open FortiClient Console.


Connect to VPN

  • In the FortiClient Console, on the left, select REMOTE ACCESS.

  • If it says VPN Connected, at the top of the screen, then you're already connected.

    • If it doesn't, enter your YCP Username & Password, then select Connect.

      • Wait until you see the VPN Connected screen.

  • Now you can access campus applications or map a network drive.

If your computer turns off, falls asleep, or has a weak internet connection, the VPN will disconnect.


Frequent disconnects

A weak wireless connection is often the cause. Connect your laptop directly to your home router, via an ethernet cable, for a more consistent, stronger connection.

Connect on campus

VPN will only work while off the campus network.

You can use FortiClient on any network other than YCP's. To test it while on campus, connect your laptop to a mobile hotspot (from a cell phone) or a MiFi (we can lend you one).

Missing REMOTE ACCESS option

In the FortiClient Console, do you only see the FABRIC TELEMETRY or COMPLIANCE & TELEMETRY option, on the left?

Under Register with Security Fabric,

  • In the EMS IP field, enter ems.ycp.edu.

  • Select Connect.

Now, on the left, you should see the REMOTE ACCESS option. This fix works both on and off campus.