WiFi (Internet Access)


We'll help you connect your laptops, phones, tablets, & more. When you arrive, you'll see 2 available wireless networks. Each serves different devices.

Try connecting each device to eduroam first. Only if it doesn't work should you use york-connect.


Laptops, smartphones, & tablets.

Once connected, you can also use WiFi at other colleges, museums, & businesses. Here's an eduroam map.

Alumni must connect using the Guest WiFi, explained below.

  • Connect to eduroam.
  • Sign in with your YCP email address & password.
  • If asked, select Trust.
    • If you aren't prompted, try visiting a webpage. Then, you'll be redirected to the registration page.


If asked,

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • CA certificate: Don't Validate
  • Identity or User ID: your YCP email
  • Anonymous ID: leave blank
  • Password: your YCP Password


Forget the network, then try again.

  • Find the list of wireless networks that your device has connected to.
  • Select eduroam.
  • Select the option to remove this network.
    • It's commonly labelled Forget, Remove, or Delete this network.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reconnect to eduroam.

If you still have trouble, contact us.


Gaming, streaming devices, desktop computers, &c.

Guest WiFi

Visitors & Alumni.

Visitors may connect up to 2 devices to our guest network.

  • You get 24 hours of access.
    • After which, you may start again to get another day.

Create Account

  • Connect to york-connect.
  • You'll be redirected to our Guest Log In page.
    • If not, open an internet browser & attempt to load a new webpage, which will redirect.
  • Select the guest without an account icon.
    • Follow the prompts, then select Register.
  • Take note of your Username & Password, which will appear.
    • This will also be emailed to you.
  • At the bottom, select Ready to Login? Click here.

Log In

  • Enter your Username & Password.
  • Accept the terms of use.
  • Select Log In.
    • Wait for the loading bar to finish; it may take several minutes.
  • When successfully connected, you'll be directed to www.ycp.edu.


Toggle Your Connection

  • Turn your wireless connection off, wait 10 seconds then turn it back on.
    • This refreshes your connection to the closest wireless access point.
  • See each network for more detailed troubleshooting steps.

Printers & Speakers

Wireless Printers

In most cases, wireless printers will connect to york-connect, though they sometimes have unresolvable issues. Please bring a cable to connect your computer directly to your printer, so that you can print without WiFi.

Sonos Speakers

We're unable to support Sonos wireless speakers.