Distance Working

As a YCP employee working or teaching from off site, we can help you.

Note: If you're a YCP student, please visit our Distance Learning article.


  • Keep your YCP computer up to date: Visit campus every few weeks with your laptop. Have it turned on but logged off for a few hours, then restart it and sign in while you're here.

  • Be careful when changing your YCP password: If you change your password while on campus, sign into your laptop before leaving. If you change it while off campus, continue using your old password to sign into your laptop until you visit YCP again. During your next visit, our servers will update your laptop, then you must sign in with your new password before leaving.

  • Sign in on campus: If you're given or loaned a new YCP laptop, sign into it before leaving campus. If you forget, then it will not work off campus; you'll have to return to complete your initial sign in.

  • Print at home: Your home printers are not installed on your YCP laptop. Send your files to your YCP email address (or upload them to your Google Drive). Then, access them on, and print them from, a personal device. If you need a more direct option, please contact us.

  • Stay safe: If you're using your personal computer for work, please install all operating system updates. Use Windows Security, if you have Windows 10 or above. If not, install a reputable anti-virus program with scheduled scans (contact us for more info). Please follow our cybersecurity guidelines.


  • Canvas: Communicate with your class, share exams, files, and more.

  • Class emails list: Download your full class' emails. Easily copy and paste then into the sharing settings of a Google Drive folder or file, a Google Calendar event, an email, etc.

  • Clear cache: If any apps or web pages aren't loading or working properly, try this first.

  • Create & share digital files: Share and store files without printing on campus.

  • Email: Use only your YCP email for work communications; this will avoid confusion and errors. Access your YCP email on a phone or mobile device, in addition to your computer.

  • Google apps: Share files and information. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time on Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Sites, and more. teachfromhome.google is especially useful when teaching remotely.

  • Jabber: Use your computer as your office phone. Place and receive calls, retrieve voicemails, and more, all from your campus extension.

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Free): Get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

  • Network drives: Map your drives from off campus and access your H: Drive through MyFiles. If you work in a shared area that isn't accessible off campus, contact us to make it available through MyFiles.

  • Phones: See the Voicemail section to retrieve your messages from off campus. Send all your incoming voicemails to your YCP email address.

  • Remotely access campus applications & computers: With remote desktop, you can access your office computer (including all of its files and software) from anywhere. With RemoteApp, you can access additional special software.

  • Save as PDF: Anything that you can print, you can save as a PDF instead. Then, digitally share any handouts.

  • Schmidt library: Chat a librarian anytime about research topics, sources, citations, and more. Find library resources, such as eBooks, online journals, streaming media, and more. Browse, or place holds on, our library's physical catalog from anywhere.

  • Software: Find what software is available on campus, how to access it remotely, and ways to keep everything up to date.

  • Student accessibility services: Adequately accommodate all students' needs.

  • VidGrid: Record yourself and/or your device screen, then easily share it with others.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Remotely connect to the YCP network and access network drives, software, and more. A strong or wired internet connection works best. If you don't have VPN, you can still remotely access campus computers.

  • Zoom: Meet, teach, record, share screens, and more through video.