As a student or employee, your class schedules, transcripts, e-bills, class registration, housing requests, records, and more are in YCPWeb. You'll retain access after graduation or end of employment. You can also share your info/access with others through Parent Proxy.


Security Question - please do this ASAP!

This sets up your PIN reset method for the future.

  • Select Personal Information > Change Security Question.

    • Follow the instructions.

    • Select Submit.

    • This allows you to reset your PIN in the future.


To print any pages, select File > Print in your browser. You can also save them as PDFs.

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These are steps for students to access their own personal information.

Parent Proxy allows students to extend select access to whoever they choose.

CAPP degree evaluation

This tool shows your current progress toward your major and minors, then outlines your future credit & class options. It's meant as a reference rather than an official record, so for in-depth help, contact your academic advisor.

  • Select Student Services > Student Records > CAPP Degree Evaluation.

  • Select the current Term, then Submit.

  • Select Generate New Evaluation, at the bottom.

  • Select the dot next to Program.

  • Select the Term.

  • Select Generate Request.

To view an evaluation for another term, log out and start over.

Class schedule

  • Select Student Services > Registration.

  • Select either Student Schedule by Day & Time or Student Detail Schedule.

    • Day & Time shows all of your classes in a calendar.

    • Detail shows them as a list, with all important info.

Drop a class

  • Select Student Services > Registration > Add/Drop Classes.

  • Select the current term, then Submit.

  • Find the class, then select Drop from the Action column.

  • Select Submit Changes.

For deadlines and more info, see the Registrar's Office page.

Pay tuition & housing deposits

  • Select Student Services > Student Account > Pay Deposits for Tuition or Housing.

  • Select a Term, then Submit.

  • Select Deposit Type, then Submit.

  • Enter your payment info and follow the prompts.

Here's how to pay other eBills.

There are also other payment options.

Register for classes

New Students & Transfers

You'll create your first schedule during New Spartans' Day. If you can't attend, contact the Registrar's Office.

Everyone Else

  • Select Student Services > Registration > Add/Drop Classes.

  • Select a Term, then Submit.

  • Accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.

  • In the Add Classes Worksheet section, fill in the CRNs, then Submit Changes.

If you don't know your CRNs,

  • Select Class Search.

  • Select the Subject, then Course Search.

  • Beside your preferred course, select View Sections.

  • Select the boxes next to the classes you want.

  • Select Register.

  • If the classes have seats available, they'll appear in the Current Schedule section.

Tax Form - 1098T

  • Select Student Services > Student Account > 1098T Tuition Payment Tax Form.

  • Select a Tax Year, then select Submit.

For help with your 1098T tax form, contact the Business Office.

Unofficial academic transcripts

  • Select Student Services > Student Records > Academic Transcript.

  • Select your Transcript Level, then Submit.

To print your unofficial transcript, follow the Print section, above.

For an official transcript, submit a request.

For more info, contact the Records Office.

Need help?

Locked Out, Password Issue, & Parent Proxy

Registering/Dropping Classes & Academic Transcripts

Paying Bills, Deposit, Holds, & selecting Meal Plan


Class roster

  • Select Faculty & Advisors > Summary Class List.

  • Select a Term, then Submit.

  • Select your course CRN, then Submit.

To download, select Download Roster at the bottom.

Email a class

  • Select Faculty & Advisors > Summary Class List.

  • Select a Term, then Submit.

  • Select your course CRN, then Submit.

  • Below the class list, select Email class.

  • Enter your subject and message, then Submit.

Your message sends to the YCP email address of each class member.

This is a limited option. For a more comprehensive way to email and communicate with your class, please use Canvas.

Submit final grades

  • Select Faculty & Advisors > Summary Class List.

  • Select a Term, then Submit.

  • Select your course CRN, then Submit.

  • For each student, select from the Grade column.

    • Don't enter anything in the Attend Hours column.

    • You must enter a Last Attend Date for students who receive grades of 0, F, or INC.

      • If a student never attended class, enter the first date of the semester.

    • If a student is marked Confidential, none of their info is to be shared.

    • Select each student's name to see their address and phone number.

  • When finished, select Submit.

  • To enter grades for other sections, select CRN Selection, at the bottom.

Submit warning grades

Now submitted through SSN, as the Student Performance Progress Survey.


Leave balances

Leave balances will show available sick, vacation, and comp time for applicable employees.

  • Select Employee > Leave Balances.

  • Select a Tax Year, then select Display.

For questions regarding your leave balances, contact benefits@ycp.edu.

Pay stubs

  • Select Employee > Pay Information > Pay Stub.

  • Select a Pay Stub Year, then select Display.

  • Select the appropriate Pay Stub Date for more information.

For questions regarding pay stubs, contact Human Resources.

Tax Form - W-2

  • Select Employee > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

  • Select a Tax Year, then select Display.

For help with your W-2 tax form, contact Human Resources.