CAPP Degree Evaluations

CAPP degree evaluations can be accessed via YCPweb. They can also be generated using YCPweb. In order to view yours, follow the directions below, ending at step 5. To generate a new CAPP degree evaluation, follow all steps below.

1. After logging into myYCP, select the YCPweb icon.

2. Select the Student Services tab. Then select Student Services, then select Student Records.

Student records

3. Select CAPP Degree Evaluation.

CAPP Degree Evaluation

4. Select the current term.

Select term

5. Your current information will be displayed on the screen here.

Current information

6. To generate a New Evaluation, select the Generate New Evaluation link at the bottom of the page.

Generate New Evaluation

7. Select the program button and then select the term for when the evaluation is to be generated. Then select the Generate Request. The Degree Evaluation report will then generate and appear on the screen.

Generate Request

Important Information

  • Students should contact their academic advisor if they have any questions and to discuss their evaluations results.
  • Any errors in the evaluation should be handled by the student's academic advisor. The advisor will be required to fill out a target waiver substitution form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.
  • The CAPP Degree Evaluation Program is intended as a reference, NOT as an official evaluation.
  • The program is for matriculated students with a Catalog Term of 2003 or later.
  • If you wish to view a second CAPP Degree Evaluation for another term, you must log out of myYCP and start over.