Student Performance Progress Survey

The Student Performance Progress Survey replaces the YCP Web-based warning grade reporting process and is administered through Spartan Success Network. During the approximate mid-point of the semester, faculty report on students' status within each class they teach (see Faculty Manual section C2.5.3). In the survey, Satisfactory Academic Performance is the default status for each student; faculty will need to specify those students who should get a Warning Grade (flag) or Outstanding Academic Performance (kudos). Although all students benefit from understanding how they are performing at this point in the semester, this feedback is particularly important for our first-year students who are still adjusting to college life. When we identify that a student is struggling, support services can be mobilized, which may increase the possibility of improved academic performance and persistence.

Faculty: You can find step-by-step instructions for completing the Student Performance Progress Survey on the Spartan Success Network resource page: In the Flags and Kudos section, look for the file titled "Student Performance Progress Survey Instructions." Feel free to email with questions.