Parent Proxy - Parent/Guardian

Parent Proxy is a special portal that allows parents, guardians, or other designated persons special access to a students account for the purposes of viewing grades, paying bills, etc.

Parent/Guardian: Setup Account

Students of York College must initiate the setup of all Proxy Access. Once that have been completed the Parent/Guardian must complete setup of the access from their side of the system.

Initial Setup instructions:

  • An email, from, is sent after the student has created an account with a subject of YCPWeb for Parents - New Account Created.
    • Within the email, there is a link that will open a unique YCP Parent Portal for setup, as well as an Action Password that will only work with the unique link.
Indicates Initial Login URL
  • Click on the unique YCP Parent Portal link
  • Enter the Action Password
    • (Provided in the email)
  • Click on Submit
Indicates where to enter Action Password
  • Enter the Email Address
  • Enter the Action Password as the Old PIN
  • Enter a New PIN (numbers only)
  • Validate New PIN
  • Click on Save
Image shows verification info
  • After creating a new PIN you will be redirected into the Parent Portal and the Proxy Profile tab will display
  • Enter information in all the fields listed on the Profile tab.
  • When finished, click Save
  • After updating the Proxy Profile tab a new tab will appear with the name of the student.
  • Click on the Tab for the appropriate student to view all access granted to you as the Proxy.
Indicates Proxy menu options

Parent/Guardian: Future Logins

Once the initial setup process has been completed the parent/guardian can log back in by visiting:

Note: 1098T Tax Form: To access this form. The student must grant access to General Student Information. Once permission is granted you will access the information from the General Student Information section select the Student Services tab, choose the Student Account option, and then click the 1098T form link at the bottom of the page.

Parent/Guardian: Pay Semester Tuition or Housing Deposit

  • Visit the YCPWeb for Parent Login webpage at:
  • Click on the tab showing the student's name for whom you wish to pay the deposit
Shows test student tab
  • Click on Pay Tuition Deposit
Indicates pay tuition deposite
  • Within the drop down menu, select the term you are paying the deposit for and then click on Submit
select term
  • Select one of the deposit types and click Submit
Deposit type
  • An additional window will then open so you can enter your payment information. After you enter all of the necessary information and submit payment, you should receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the York College Business Office at 717-815-1470.

Parent/Guardian: Problems with the Parent Proxy

If your proxy encounters problems accessing the Parent Proxy Portal following completion of the access setup, these helpful tips may help. If your proxy is still unable to get into the system please call or visit the LTS Help Desk together to coordinate and resolve any issues.

Parent Proxy: Authorization Failed Message

Once your Proxy has completed the initial setup of the account they will then log into If they get an Authorization failed message it could be a password issue. Follow these steps to reset the password:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Email address of the Proxy
  3. Click Forgot Password
    • This will generate an email to go to the proxy with instructions for resetting the password

Parent Proxy: Student Tab does not Appear

Once your Proxy has completed the initial setup of the account they will then log into If they get into the system but do not see a tab for the student, it could be one of these issues:

  1. Incomplete Proxy Profile Information
    • The Proxy must complete all fields on the Profile Tab and Click the save button at the bottom. Only after all fields are updated will the Student Tab appear.
  2. Update the Dates on the Student Side
    • The Student may need to update the Start Date or Stop Date for the proxy access. If the Proxy is logged in outside of these dates the student tab will not appear.

Parent Proxy: Student Tab Appears but no links exist on the Page

Once your Proxy has completed the initial setup of the account they will then log into If they get into the system, can click on the student page but cannot see any links for information.

  1. The Student must update the Access applied to the Proxy account. By default all access is disabled in the Parent Proxy system. The Student must update what permissions need to be applied to the account for the links to appear.

Warning Grades: A student's Warning Grades will not be viewable in the Parent Proxy system for up to a week following the deadline for faculty submission of warning grades.