Parent Proxy - Student

Parent Proxy is a special portal that allows parents, guardians, or other designated persons special access to a students account for the purposes of viewing grades, paying bills, etc.

Student Setup:

Students of York College must initiate the setup of all Proxy Access into their accounts

Initial Setup instructions:

YCPweb icon
  • Click on YCPweb for Parents
    • (Located on the Main Menu of YCPweb)
YCPweb for Parents option on Main Menu
  • Click YCPWeb for Parents - Proxy Management
Proxy Management option on YCPweb for Parents Menu
  • Click Add Proxy
Add proxy option on Proxy Management menu
  • Complete the required fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Valid Email Address
    • Verify Email address (to ensure proper spelling)
  • Click Add Proxy
Add Proxy button
  • Click on Expand Proxy
    • This will expand the proxy information and display three tabs; Profile, Authorization, and Communication.
Expand proxy
    • Click on the Profile tab:
      • Select a Relationship description
      • Define a Start Date
      • Define a Stop Date
        • Note: It is recommended that you select the start and stop dates to extend for 6 years to allow your proxy access for the duration of your time at YCP as well as access to tax forms following your expected graduation.
Relationship, Start Date, and End Date Menu
    • Click on Authentication tab:
    • Select the Check Boxes for the items you wish to authorize your proxy to view.
    • Once the access is selected click on the Email Authorization button to the right
      • An email with the authentication settings can be sent to the proxy
    • Click on Communication tab:
      • This tab shows you the status of the proxy contact that was added. The proxy information can be resent to the person by clicking on the Resend button
Show communication tab

Congratulations! You have completed the setup of the Parent Proxy access.

  • Your parent or guardian will now need to sign into the Parent Proxy portal from the email sent to them.

Deleting a Proxy Account:

Students of York College can delete any proxy account they create at any time.

      • Sign into MyYCP and click on the YCPweb icon.
      • Then proceed to the YCPWeb for Parents - Proxy Management (As listed in the above process)
      • Click to expand the parent proxy
      • Select Delete Proxy Relationship
        • Located at the bottom of the Profile page