Parent Proxy - Students

Parent Proxy allows students to grant their parents (or anyone else they would like) access to warning & final grades, as well as to deposit and eBill payments. Students must first setup access, then their proxies can complete the process.

Initial Setup

  • Select YCPWeb for Parents > Proxy Management > Add Proxy
  • Enter the name & email address of whoever you wish to share info with
    • Select Add Proxy (at the bottom of the page)
  • Select Expand on the newly added proxy
  • Next to Relationship, select Parent or Legal Guardian
  • Start Date & Stop Date allow you to limit when your proxy has access
  • Select the Authorization tab
    • Select the boxes beside the items that you want your proxy to access
  • Your proxy will receive an email with further instructions
  • Select the Communication tab to see the proxy status
    • Information can be resent to the proxy with the Resend button

Delete Proxy Access

  • Select YCPWeb for Parents > Proxy Management
  • Select Expand on the proxy you want to delete
  • Select Delete Proxy Relationship