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Zoom allows you to meet with coworkers, classes, and others for video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, collaboration, chat, and webinars. It works across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.


Zoom Canvas course

Visit our Zoom Canvas course to learn more.

Topics covered

  • Welcome to Zoom
  • What is Zoom?
  • The Difference Between a Meeting and a Webinar
  • Suggested Equipment
  • Accessing, updating, and getting help
  • Installing/Updating Zoom on a College-owned Computer
  • Using Zoom with your Google Calendar (Chrome Extension)
  • What is a Zoom Meeting ID and how to get it
  • New Features and Highlights
  • Zoom Features Highlight
  • Adding and Sharing your Personal Pronouns
  • Live Transcription Assistance
  • Transcription makes your meeting more accessible to everyone, whether they're unable to listen, join late and need to catch up, or simply wish to read along for better comprehension.
  • Hints and Tips for Transcription
  • Enabling Automatic Live Transcription (host side)
  • Managing Live Transcription (for Hosts and Participants)
  • How to Host A Meeting
  • Hints and Tips for Hosts
  • Before The Meeting
  • How to schedule a Zoom Meeting (through Zoom directly)
  • How to schedule a Zoom Meeting using through Google Calendar
  • How to schedule a Zoom Meeting using the LTI in Canvas (For Faculty)
  • What Settings Can I Adjust and Meeting Controls?
  • During A Meeting
  • Zoom Remote Rooms Assistance
  • How to Record a Meeting
  • Video Layout
  • How To Screen Share & Annotate using Zoom Whiteboard (another chance for engagement)
  • Engaging and Gathering Feedback (Polls, Chats, Backgrounds, and more)
  • After A Meeting
  • Viewing Participant History
  • How to Attend Meetings
  • Joining A Meeting
  • How to Join a Meeting
  • Zoom EDU: Zoom for Students Help
  • Connecting via a Mobile Device
  • Audio Issues (for zoom classrooms/attendees/remote hosts)
  • Video Layout
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Setting Up a Breakout Room
  • Creating and Using Breakout Rooms
  • Participating in a Breakout Room
  • Connect, Work, Teach, & Learn Anywhere
  • First time teaching with Zoom?
  • Pedagogical Considerations for Teaching with PowerPoint
  • Pedagogical Considerations for Group Discussion (Breakout Rooms, Whiteboard, and Google Can Help)
  • Zoom Fatigue is Real and Tips for Making Zoom Feel More Like A Classroom
  • How To Setup and Use Waiting Rooms for Office Hours & Drop-Ins
  • Yes, Your Zoom Teaching Can Be First-Rate Links to an external site.
  • Zoom Security
  • Zoom Meeting Security Toolbar Icon for Host
  • How To Secure Your Zoom Meeting from Zoom
  • How to Navigate the Zoom Security Icon

Install, update, & sign into Zoom

The Zoom web portal functions differently and separately from the Zoom client or mobile app. In short, everything works best when you're signed into both. Learn more about each.

Sign into the Zoom web portal


Install or update the Zoom desktop client or mobile app

Update Zoom to ensure your security and access to new features.

Note: YCP requires you to use Version 5.7 or higher.

Install/update on personal computers & devices

Select the appropriate option, then download it.

Install/update on YCP owned computers

Note: If you're off campus, you must be connected via VPN before updating Zoom.

  • If you don't have VPN access, you may request it, or pick one of these options.

Windows 10 (Software Center)

  • Select the Search Windows button in the taskbar (lower left).

    • Search for "Software Center".

    • Open it.

  • Select Zoom > Install.

    • Note: You may minimize the screen while the software installs.

    • To check the progress, select Installation status, on the left.

macOS (Self Service)

  • Search for "Self Service" in Spotlight or Finder.

    • Open it.

  • Click Install or Reinstall for Zoom.

    • If you don't see Zoom, select Activity, at the top, then Update for Zoom.

  • You'll receive a notification when your install/update is complete.

Sign into the Zoom desktop client or mobile app

Note: The sign in for Zoom apps is separate from the Zoom web portal.

  • Open your zoom.us desktop client (Zoom Client for Meetings) or Zoom mobile app.

    • Select SSO or Sign In > Sign In with SSO.

  • If asked, enter ycp for Your company domain.

    • Or, your YCP email address for Your company email.

    • Select Continue or Go then follow the prompts.

  • If asked, sign in with your YCP Username & Password.

    • Notes

      • If asked to Open this page in "Zoom"?, select Open.

      • If prompted, select Launch Zoom.

      • Follow any setup prompts.

Zoom meetings

Note: First follow the Install, update, & sign into Zoom instructions above, if you haven't already.

Schedule & start a meeting

Note: If you want to start a new meeting immediately, you don't need to schedule it.

Schedule a meeting

  • Sign into ycp.zoom.us/meeting.

  • Select Schedule a Meeting, or SCHEDULE A MEETING.

  • Fill out your meeting details, then select Save.

Your meeting is now scheduled. You'll be taken to the Manage page, which has more details and options.

Once you've finished with them, you may Start this Meeting, or just close the page then follow our Start a meeting section, below, at a later date.


  • Select Google Calendar to add your meeting to your YCP calendar.

    • Note: You can also invite attendees this way.

Meeting ID

Your attendees may use this unique number to join your meeting. Have them...

  • Visit zoom.us.

  • Select JOIN A MEETING.

  • Enter the Meeting ID, select Join, then follow the prompts.

Note: This is not necessary if you invite them through the Time or Invite Link option.

Invite Link

  • Just copy then send this to your attendees.

Start a meeting

Zoom web portal

Scheduled meeting

  • Just visit your meeting link, if you already have it.


  • Select the name of your meeting, then Start this Meeting or Start.

  • Follow any prompts.

  • When your meeting has concluded, select End Meeting.

Personal meeting (unscheduled)

  • Just visit your personal meeting link, if you already have it.


  • Select Personal Room > Start.

  • Follow any prompts.

  • Tip: Select the green shield to reveal the Invite Link, which you can copy then send to anyone to join the meeting.

  • When your meeting has concluded, select End Meeting.

Join a meeting

Join from an Invite Link

If a link for the meeting was sent to you, follow it then follow the prompts.

Join with a Meeting ID

Zoom desktop client (from a computer)

  • On your computer, find and open the zoom.us app.

  • Have the meeting link?

    • Click on the meeting link provided

    • Follow the browser prompts to open the meeting

  • Have the meeting ID?

    • Select Join.

    • Enter the Meeting ID then select Join.

  • If prompted, select Join with Computer Audio.

Zoom app (from mobile device)

  • Download the Zoom app.

  • Have the meeting link?

    • Click on the meeting link provided

    • Follow the browser prompts to open the meeting

  • Have the meeting ID?

    • Select Join a Meeting or Join.

    • Enter your Meeting ID then any Screen Name you like.

    • Select Join.


  • Visit zoom.us in any browser.

  • Select Join a meeting.

  • Enter the Meeting ID then select Join.

  • Select Join from your browser.

  • If asked, enter Your Name then select Join.

Phone call

If a Zoom meeting is hosted by a YCP member, then participants can join from a phone line.

  • Check with your meeting host to see if a phone number is available.

  • Dial the provided number.

  • Enter your Meeting ID, followed by # .

  • Enter your Participant ID.

    • If you do not know this, press * .

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