Zoom allows you to meet with coworkers, classes, and others for video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, collaboration, chat, and webinars. It works across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

For it to work properly, it's important to keep Zoom updated.

Use Zoom


Sign into the desktop or mobile app

You sign into the Zoom apps separately from the mobile interface.

  • Open your zoom.us desktop application (Zoom Client for Meetings) or Zoom mobile app.

  • Select Sign In > Sign In with SSO.

  • Enter ycp for company domain.

    • Or, your YCP email address for company email.

  • Select Continue or Go.

  • Sign in with your YCP Username & Password.

    • If prompted to Open this page in "Zoom", select Open.

    • If prompted, select Launch Zoom.

    • Follow any setup prompts.

Schedule & start a meeting

Schedule a meeting

  • Select Schedule a New Meeting, or SCHEDULE A MEETING.

  • Fill out your meeting details, then select Save.

    • Your meeting is now scheduled.


  • Select Google Calendar to add your meeting to your YCP calendar.

    • You can also invite attendees this way.

Meeting ID

  • Your attendees may use this unique number to join your meeting.

    • They can visit zoom.us.

    • Select JOIN A MEETING.

    • Enter the Meeting ID, select Join, then follow the prompts.

This is not necessary if you invite them through either the Time or Invite Attendees option.

Invite Attendees

  • Send the details and Join URL to your attendees.

Start a meeting

  • When you're ready to begin, select Meetings > Start this Meeting or Start.

    • Then, follow the prompts.

  • When your meeting has concluded, select End Meeting.

Join a meeting

From any of these options, you can join a meeting using a meeting ID provided to you.

Zoom client

  • Download the Zoom client.

  • Open the Zoom application.

  • Select Join.

  • Enter in the meeting ID then select Join.

  • If prompted, select Join with Computer Audio.


  • Visit Zoom.us in any browser.

  • Select Join a meeting.

  • Enter the meeting ID and select Join.

  • Select the Join from your browser.

  • Enter a display name and select Join.

Zoom app

  • Download the Zoom app.

  • Select Join a Meeting or Join.

  • Enter your Meeting ID then select Join.

Phone call

If a Zoom meeting is hosted by a YCP member, then participants can join from a phone line.

  • Check with your meeting host to see if a phone number is available.

  • Dial the provided number.

  • Enter your Meeting ID, followed by # .

  • Enter your participant ID.

    • If you do not know this, press * .

Screen share

When you host a meeting with your YCP account, participants are disabled from sharing their screens. You can enable this feature for a particular meeting while in it.

  • Start your meeting.

  • Beside the Share Screen button, select ^ .

  • Select Advanced Sharing Options....

  • For Who can share?, select All Participants.

You may close the pop-up; all participants can share their screens.

Learn more about screen sharing.

Live transcript

Frankly, we love this feature. It makes your meeting more accessible to everyone, whether they're unable to listen, join late and need to catch up, or simply wish to read along for better comprehension.

When enabled by the Meeting Host, Auto-Transcription writes what participants are saying while they're saying it. This allows each meeting member to read along with what's being said (via whichever viewing option they each choose). *


You must be the Meeting Host.

  • Start your meeting.

  • Select the Live Transcript () button, then Enable Auto-Transcription.

    • To turn it off, select Live Transcript > Disable Auto-Transcription.


After the Meeting Host has enabled Auto-Transcription, you may choose how to view it.

  • Select the Live Transcript () button.

    • If you're the Host, select ^ , beside it.

  • Then select from the available options:

    • Show Subtitle - Closed captions at the bottom of the video.

      • To hide it, select Live Transcript > Hide Subtitle.

    • View Full Transcript - Transcript with each speaker's name and time.

      • To close it, select Live Transcript > Close Full Transcript.

        • If you don't see the Live Transcript button, select More (), to find all options.

    • Subtitle Settings... - Customize the size of the closed captions you see.

* Live Transcript does not work in breakout rooms, in the Zoom for Linux app, and sometimes on Chromebooks. Subtitles will only appear during the live meeting, not in the Zoom recording.

Record a meeting


  • Cloud Recording

    • Records to Zoom cloud storage, then can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Local Recording

    • Records to your computer.

    • You can then upload it to VidGrid, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.

Everyone Else

  • Local Recording

    • Records to your computer.

    • You can then upload it to VidGrid, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.


  • Move your local recordings to your YCP Google Drive.

  • Cloud recordings will send a link to your YCP email.

    • It can be shared with anyone.

    • A passcode for viewing the recording will be shared in the email.

  • Automatic recording of all meetings cannot be enabled in the YCP domain.

View participant history

If you are looking to see who has joined a meeting and for how long you can find that information by running a Report.

  • From the menu, select Reports, or Account Management > Reports.

  • Select Usage.

  • Select a date range, then Search.

  • Select the number, under Participants, to see who attended for how long.

    • If you do not see the Participants column, scroll the row, to the left, to reveal it.

Install / update Zoom

Zoom can get a bit glitchy if not kept up-to-date.

Personal computers & devices

Select the appropriate option, then download it.

YCP owned computers

If you're off campus, you must be connected via VPN before updating Zoom.

If you don't have VPN access, you may request it, or pick one of these options:

  • Use a personal computer or device instead; see Personal computers & devices, below.

  • Connect to eduroam by parking in / visiting one of our outdoor WiFi locations on campus.

Windows 10 (Software Center)

  • Select the Search Windows button in the taskbar (lower left).

    • Search for Software Center.

    • Open it.

  • Select Zoom > Install.

    • You may minimize the screen while the software installs.

    • To check the progress, select Installation status, on the left.

macOS (Self Service)

  • Search for Self Service in Spotlight or Finder.

    • Open it.

  • Click Install or Reinstall for Zoom.

    • If you don't see Zoom, select Activity, at the top, then Update for Zoom.

  • You'll receive a notification when your install/update is complete.

Having audio issues?

When teaching from a Zoom classroom

If you can't hear your Zoom attendees

  • Check that their microphones are not muted.

  • Ensure that the classroom Jabra speakerphone is at maximum volume.

    • Press the + button, until lights appear around the entire unit.

If your Zoom attendees can't hear you

  • Check that your microphone is not muted.

  • Project your voice when speaking, as if the classroom were full.

    • Encourage any students, who are physically attending class, to do the same.

  • Lecture from near the podium microphone.

  • If the HVAC system, or other equipment, is too loud, contact us and facilities@ycp.edu.

  • If all else fails, raise the microphone volume and turn off automatic adjustment.

    • This setting will save, on this computer, for your future meetings.

When attending class remotely

If you can't hear others

  • Use headphones.

  • Turn up your device's volume.

If others can't hear you

  • Check that your microphone is not muted.

  • Move to the quietest environment possible.

Tips & support

  • Restarting your device often fixes common issues.

  • Breakout Rooms - Put students into small groups, then bring them back for class discussion.

  • Room Passcodes - Restrict who enters your meeting.

  • After you mute your microphone, simply hold down your spacebar to speak, then release it to mute again.

  • As a Host, mute attendees, if their background noise becomes distracting.

Increase Gallery View participant limit

The Gallery View default maximum is 25 participants. You can raise it to 49, based on your computer hardware.


  • Select Settings (gear icon) > Video.

  • Under Maximum participants displayed per screen in Gallery View, select 49 participants.

    • If this option is not available, then your computer is unable to handle it.


  • From the menu bar, select zoom.us > Preferences... > Video.

  • Under Maximum participants displayed per screen in Gallery View, select 49 participants.

    • If this option is not available, then your computer is unable to handle it.

Suggested equipment

  • A device with a reliable internet connection.

  • Headphones or earbuds (optional).

  • Web camera (optional).

    • For face-to-face interaction.

  • Microphone

    • Depending on the quality of your device's.


Alumni & general public

  • Instant or scheduled meetings.

  • Desktop and application sharing.

  • Online support (chat, call).

  • Unlimited number of meetings.

  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings.

  • Record to computer.

  • Chat to all attendees or privately to an individual.

  • Screen share between all participants.

    • Includes annotation tools.

    • Only one person can share at a time.

  • Share whiteboard among all participants.

  • Host up to 100 participants.

    • Group meetings have a 40 min. limit for Alumni.

Current students

All of the above, plus...

  • Host up to 300 participants.

    • With no time limit.

  • Add co-hosts to meetings.

  • Alternative hosts.

  • Schedule on behalf of others.

  • Customizable personal meeting ID.


All of the above, plus...

  • Cloud recording.

Large meetings & events - mute & use chat

If you're having a meeting with more participants than can reasonably talk at one time (lecture, speaker, performer, etc.), we recommend muting all attendees.

If there's to be any crowd participation, encourage them to chat their input/questions. Consider having a moderator read, relay, and respond to chats.