Zoombombing is a cyberattack, disrupting Zoom meetings, to harass or compromise security. Below are steps that you can take, both before and during your meeting, to prevent or stop Zoombombers.¹

Note: Please start by signing into Zoom. Learn how to do this in our Zoom article.

Before your meeting

Use the latest version of Zoom Client for Meetings, which you can download here: zoom.us/download

Generate a unique Meeting ID

The unique Meeting IDs of new, non-recurring meetings make it harder for disruptors to join future meetings.

Note: If your meeting is part of a series, delete any recurring meetings, then schedule a new meeting for each session. You cannot change an existing meeting's ID.

Ensure removed participants are unable to rejoin

This applies to all meetings.

  • Select Settings > In Meeting (Basic).

  • Deselect Allow removed participants to rejoin.

    • Note: This may already be deselected by default.

The options below may either be done when you schedule a meeting or by selecting the Topic (name) of an existing meeting, then the Edit this Meeting button (at the bottom of the page).

Require a passcode

  • For Meeting Passcode, check the box for Passcode under the security section.

    • Note: We suggest using only numbers, as some participants may not have access to other characters.

  • Select Save.

Zoom login (optional)

This option will ensure that only users who are signed into Zoom with their YCP accounts can join your meeting. Any users who are not currently signed into the Zoom application will not be allowed to join.

  • For Meeting Options, select Only authenticated users can join.

  • Select Save.

Turn off participant video upon entry

Every participant's video feed can be automatically disabled when first joining. Unless you have manually disabled each user's video feed, they can re-enable it once they join.

  • For Video > Participant, select off.

  • Select Save.

Mute participants upon entry

As this is a default setting for your YCP account, every participant's audio feed is already disabled when first joining. Unless you have manually disabled the user's audio feed, these participants can reenable their audio feed once they've joined.

  • For Meeting Options, select Mute participants upon entry.

  • Select Save.

Enable the waiting room

Participants won't be able to join the meeting until you admit them individually. This works best for meetings with few attendees.

  • For Meeting Options, select Enable waiting room.

  • Select Save.

During your meeting

This is all done from within the meeting window, if you need to handle a disruption during your meeting.

Mute a participant

  • Select Participants.

  • Beside the participant's name, select Mute.

Stop a participant's video

  • Select Participants.

  • Beside the participant's name, select More > Stop Video.

Remove a participant

  • Select Participants.

  • Beside the participant's name, select More > Remove.

Lock the meeting

Once you lock a meeting, no one else can join.

  • Select Participants.

  • Select More > Lock Meeting.